“Absolutely love it!
I’ve never played anything like it. A super cool, funny and unique game for any age. Every emotion’s a work of art. It’s a must have!”

- The Game Cupboard -
five star review

“Wow 10/10 family game!
You really do feel the emotions that you play. Incredible artwork and such original gameplay.
Get happiness to the table!”

- The Hairy Game Lords -
five star review

“So engaging and fun!
You are what you play. Pokemon meets Minecraft with your emotions.
The art is pitch perfect.
Great for adults and kids.”

- Geek Dad -
five star review


Block Happy is a card game that plays with your emotions. The first to seize all the happiness wins! But with so many comical twists and turns, keeping control of your happiness isn’t that easy.


Unique, strategic and emotionally powered, players take turns to show, play, find and control their emotions, until all the happiness is on the table...and your face. However, other players want your happiness to be theirs, forcing you to compete in a tense and hilarious BATTLE OF EMOTION.
All 75 emotions have different powers, allowing you to control, annoy, peek, grab or test your opponents happiness, whilst trying to keep hold of your own.

Play happy, feel happy, blockhappy!


Now for the magic. What makes the game so different and amazing is YOU! Even though you think you’re playing a card game, you're actually playing with each other’s real emotions. Created by leading British designers Sam Armes and John Ward, it changes the way you play a game. It excites and engages your emotions in a completely new way.

Great for all ages, adults and kids. It develops your emotional intelligence, creates happiness and laughter, and brings people together, which is so important for our well being. We guarantee that you’ve never played a game quite like this before.

It’s real happiness in a box. It will make you feel happy, and we definitely all need more happiness in the world right now.
Play it. Feel it. Believe it.

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