Reviews title
tantrum house
“A really fantastic, fun and slick little game. It was so cool to actually experience, watch and feel the real emotions when you’re playing the game.”
five star review

unfiltered gamer logo
“A 10/10 family game. Really great fun to play. You do feel the emotions that are played. The artwork is just excellent. Highly recommend this for families.”
five star review

the game cupboard
“It’s a rollercoaster of emotions! Such a unique concept that’s so cleverly designed. What’s special is you do feel the emotions as you play them. Great for all gamers. it sparks lots of laughter.”
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five star review

the hairy game lords
“Wow! Absolutely loved it. It’s an emotional blast. The character art is so beautiful and different. What sets it apart is that the emotions you play really are felt by everyone. Great fun for all ages. Really awesome stuff. Get it to the table.”
five star review

lauren plays to win
“If you’re a parent, without a doubt, go and buy this now. This is a game that every parent should own. You have loads of fun. It’s also a deeper, thoughtful game filled with real emotion. It proves that positive attitude affects outcome.”
five star review

married meeples
“Adorable, cute and clever, this game really packs a punch. It plays on your emotions. This is one heck of a game. We loved it!”
five star review

geek dad logo
“So original, engaging and fun. You are what you play! It’s like Minecraft meets Pokemon with unique gameplay. The art is pitch-perfect. We loved playing it, the gameplay has my kids hooked.”
five star review