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With a love of character design and games, and years of designing business changing ideas for global brands, Sam & John decided to turn their creative daydream into a reality. To create something different, daring, and truly imaginative, that sparks real happiness in people, face to face. Digital technology has created a world where we are constantly using a screen, and online gaming lacks the emotional connection and laughter that you experience from people.

So with this in mind, Block Happy began when the big question was asked - What’s the one thing that everyone wants in life? The answer - Happiness!
That feeling of pure joy that comes over you when you know life is good, and you can’t help but smile. We make thousands of decisions everyday, and 95% of them are emotional. Being social and emotional creatures, it’s so important to spend time with friends and family unplugged and having fun. It creates joy and laughter, increases your happiness levels and emotional intelligence, leading to a more successful life whatever your age. 
Block Happy is a game of real emotion, humour, risk, excitement and happiness. It's a set building game with a difference, as it magically creates a real emotional experience between the players, where everyone wants to achieve the same thing - happiness!

We explored how your feelings can drive both the gameplay and the artwork, and how they play out together. Various risk strategies were devised to seize happiness, whilst defending it from other players, as well as how the emotions can react with each other. A game where you play it and feel it too, using 75 uniquely works of art.

We feel that many tabletop games are either easy to learn, with random and predictable gameplay, or heavily strategic, serious and take hours to play. They're fun, but only played at face value, with little emotional connection.

We’re proud and excited to say that Block Happy has changed that. It’s a different way to play. A game that's simple enough to learn as a party game, but complicated enough to allow for emotional strategy, tactics and control to develop and evolve, ensuring all the players stay in the game until the very end.

Now, fast forward 18 months, and Block Happy is being played everyday, by people all ages from 4 - 114, all across the world, thanks to a very successful Kickstarter campaign. Now, more than ever, the idea of feeling happy, being together and having fun everyday, has never been so important. Here’s to showing your emotions, making others feel happy or seizing it yourself.