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Hi, We run a small, creative business called Idea Parlour. In 2020, we proudly launched our own unique brand, for both children and adults, built on a passion that ‘HAPPINESS IS YOUR SUPERPOWER!’

Turning our creative daydream into a business, we invented, designed and illustrated our first game - Block Happy, a different and daring game that uses your real emotions. In addition, we've also created other unique, feel happy products, and new games are in the pipeline.

Block Happy takes the concept of emotional commerce to a new level, with many benefits gained from playing it. While it delivers a super fun, emotional experience, that people say is ‘almost magical and so original’ when played, it also nurtures a positive mindset and increases emotional intelligence, whatever your age.

Our mission is to be a force for good, and spread more joy and laughter to people in need, by giving away a percentage of profits and copies of the game to mental health charities and schools.

Never before has the need for face to face happiness been so important as we live in such a fast paced digital world.

The aim of the game - whoever finds, and keeps hold of all the happiness first, wins. It sounds simple, but with so many comical twists and turns, keeping control of your happiness isn’t that easy.

It’s a game of strategy, high emotion and excitement, where players compete in a tense and thrilling BATTLE OF EMOTION. All 75 different emotions, each a work of art, allow you to laugh over who’s controlling who, turn negatives into positives in seconds, and enjoy the drama of never knowing who will win until the last minute.

More than that, Block Happy changes the way you play a game, as I developed a bold idea of using real emotions to drive the gameplay, and the graphics, making it the only game in the world, where YOU PLAY IT AND FEEL IT!

Quick to set up and easy to learn, it’s perfect for family fun, kids or adult game nights, You feel a rainbow of emotion, colour, character and fun, sparking smiles and laughter as you play together, face to face. In fact, the more you play it, the happier you become.