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BLOCK HAPPY is the award winning, funny feel good game of happiness for adults and kids. The first of its kind, this game creates a unique emotional experience by playing with your real emotions, where you discover that happiness really is your superpower. Whoever seizes all the happiness first wins. It sounds simple, but with so many comical twists and turns, keeping control of your happiness isn’t that easy.

It’s game of strategy, high emotion and excitement, where players compete in a tense and thrilling BATTLE OF EMOTION. All 75 different emotions, each a work of art, allow you to laugh over who’s controlling who, turn negatives into positives in seconds, and enjoy the drama of never knowing who will win until the last minute.

PLAY IT AND FEEL IT. The most amazing part of the game is you! Because although you think you’re playing a card game, you're actually playing with each others emotions as they drive the gameplay in a new and magical way. Quick to set up and easy to learn, it’s perfect for family fun, kids or adult game nights, whether your 7 or 107 years old.
It’s a rainbow of emotion, colour, character and fun, sparking smiles, laughter and real happiness for all. In fact, the more you play it, the happier you become.
We guarantee you’ve never played a game like this before. It helps people spend quality, face to face time together laughing, as they try to find and keep hold of happiness to win. It’s happiness in a box and will make you feel happy!

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